We get the nicest letters!

“I just wanted to tell you all how much I love your CD’s. I have both of them and play them on my iPod pretty much every day. My friend (who also has the CD’s) and I will go down the road blasting the music and singing at the top of our lungs (in harmony) and we have a lot of fun! I have a love for the sea, ships, and all things nautical. I love to sing, so sea shanties make me happy! You guys are great! I hope there will be a new CD soon!”

– Sarah Miller is a new fan from Raleigh, North Carolina – welcome aboard, Sarah!

“We saw you at the Port Pirate Festival in Port Washington this weekend and we are now HUGE fans!

“My son love’s the photo that he had taken with Christie and Gina!

“We will definitely have to keep tabs on your schedule so we can see you guys perform again!

“The CD that we purchased is AWESOME, but it really does no justice to actually seeing you perform live! The animation and personalities of each and everyone of you is amazing!

“Thank you for making our first trip to the Pirate Festival ever so memorable!

“AMAZING job to all of you!”

– Amy and her family are new friends from Green Bay, WI – welcome aboard, Mates!

Bounding Main at White Lake Beach, 2017

I haven’t seen any acts like yours over here on the east coast and would like to! If you are ever anywhere near Baltimore or Annapolis, Maryland or Wildwood, NJ let me know!

Ryan C. O’Donnell, a kind fan from YouTube

Dean, Ships of Glass and I would love to be your friend [on Facebook]! Don & I listened to Kraken Up and it is GRAND!

— Don and Kathy Hardy own an amazing business where they make and sell replicas of tall ships made from various kinds of glass. http://www.shipsofglassinc.com/

“I am enjoying the new CD very much! Right now I have it in my car which means that I’m forcing my daughters to listen too. My 4 year-old likes “My Bonnie” (she recognizes the tune) and “#1” (as in, “I want to hear #1 again”). She can’t seem to remember the name of the song – but she knows that it’s the first one! I have not yet decided on a favorite, every time I listen I hear another little nuance you guys have throw in. Awesome as usual!”

— Our long-time friend, Paulette Jacobs, writing to us about our CD, Kraken Up

“Love, Love, Love the new CD! It got me through many a snowy drive this winter! I catch myself singing ‘Call of the Sea’ all the time – so beautiful.”

— Our friend, Danielle Freeman, writing to us on Facebook about our CD, Kraken Up

I finally got a chance to send you a message about how much we love the Kraken Up CD! In fact, we can’t get the songs out of our head! Love it!!

Kirsten and Josh Busse, new friends from Wisconsin

We had a great time too, with you guys performing here in Appingedam. The girls still talk about the Pirates and are performing with the CD. Glad to hear you had a safe trip. Hope to meet again someday.

Harri√ętte Hofman, her husband Rieks and their daughters Susan and Anouk became instant friends during our visit to Appingedam for the Bie Daip festival.

A pleasure! I wish we’d been able to see more of you guys this summer! What we saw of you was great! Coincidentally, I’m listening to the new CD right now – LOVE the bloopers you guys added:-) Hysterical.

Mary Sipin Boyle, on Facebook

Thanks, Bounding Mainiacs, for all of your support!