Green Eyed Girl

Maritime Themed Love Song

Words and music written and © 2007 by David Yondorf
Arranged for Bounding Main by Jon Krivitzky

Kiss me sweetly now my love
Hold me tight and hold me long
Though we spend this night together
Know tomorrow I’ll be gone

Fare well, goodbye my Green-Eyed Girl
I bid thee now adieu
To sail my way around the world
But I’m comin’ home to you
I’ll be comin’ home to you

I must sail away my love
And the time to leave draws nigh
Love if I would stay but one more day
I could never summon goodbye


You’re the siren’s song my love
Always tempting me to shore
Would the wind and water will it
I’d be in your arms once more


Be my compass now my love
Guide me straight and hold me true
Though the voyage is long and the gales be strong
Know I’m comin’ home to you



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Song Notes

Written by David Yondorf in 2007 and was included on Bounding Main’s CD Kraken Up.