Fish Out of Water

This heartwarming collection of harmonious acapella songs will bring delight to fans of romance, fellowship and love. Fourteen songs range from traditional maritime tunes to the rich poetry of C. Fox Smith to “Roll Call,” an original musical tribute to the lost ships of the Great Lakes written by Gina Dalby. Bounding Main has been performing together since 2013 on stages across North America and Europe.

“Keep your mugs wet, your pants dry and always remember where you’re docked!”

Listener Testimonials

“What does it feel like to open your mouth and have something beautiful come out? I keep listening to One More Pull, love Bimini, love love Roll Call.”

– Maureen Brady

“The new Bounding Main CD is, I think, their best so far. There are rousing traditional shanties, as well as gorgeous ballads with spot-on harmonies that tug at the heart-strings. And it wouldn’t be a Bounding Main disc without a selection of tracks that are just plain fun. This CD is, in my opinion, the best example yet of the band’s enormous vocal talent and unique sense of humor.”

– Christy Gardner Johnson

“OK, I was having an off day … but now listening to Fish Out of Water and it’s definitely better!”

– Kimberly McCauley

Fish Out of Water Liner Notes

Spanish Ladies
(Traditional)A traditional shanty or at least it was until we got ahold of it! This rich interpretation of an historic piece now includes five voices plus two – count them two – key changes. We often refer to this song as coming from the popular musical, “Jaws”.
Heave Away Cheerily-o
(Traditional)This is definitely a whistle-while-you-work-song, or in our case, a sing-while-you-work-song. This has been credited as a capstan shanty, a pump shanty and a windlass shanty. We just refer to it as a “shanty-shanty”. So sing along me lads (and lassies) and forget all about the work part.
One More Pull
(Original: Music © Ian Woods and Ken Stevens. Lyrics: © Ken Stevens)A haunting tale about the demise of the fishing industry and the strength of those who continue to devote themselves to a life on the water.

Soloist: Christie Dalby

Sailor’s Prayer
(Original: © Tom Lewis)A beautiful song that includes a warning to all that sailors take their drinking very, very seriously. Thank you Tom Lewis for trusting us with your music despite the fact that you know us.

Soloist: David Yondorf

Away Rio
(Traditional; Arrangement by Jon Krivitzy and Sean Foree)Not all maritime pieces are work songs. We think of this selection as more of a resting and relaxation song and hope that the beautiful harmonies allow you to take a break from the world and just smile.
Recorded with The Jolly Rogers at Chapman Recording and Mastering
Man O’ War
(Traditional)A jaunty tune about wishing you had a different job onboard ship. Personally, we would be wishing we weren’t even on a ship, but to each his own. MONKEY!
Roll Call
(Original: © Gina Dalby)An original ballad remembering the ships lost to some of the most dangerous waters in the world, the Great Lakes.

Soloist: Gina Dalby

Paddy Lay Back
(Traditional)This song includes the traditional call and response typical of historic sea shanties. We’ve kept the call part but had a bit of fun with the responses. We hope you enjoy it!

Soloist: Dean Calin

Tow Rope Girls
(Words © C. Fox Smith; Set to Queer Bungle Rye by William Pint)When a ship was homeward bound, if she was running fast with all sails set, it was said that the women at home were “pulling on the tow rope” to bring their sailors home. This song was a collaboration with The Jolly Rogers and appears on their album Beg, Borrow & Steal. Thanks to The Jolly Rogers for joining us on this musical adventure!

Recorded with The Jolly Rogers at Chapman Recording and Mastering

When He is Away
(Original: Music © Sean Cooney; Words by Robert Warwick)This song tells a tale, a tale about what happens when sailors go out to sea. The twist comes when we find out it’s the wives telling the story from their perspective. We’ve had U.S. Navy wives tell us that the words ring true even today.
Mingulay Boat Song
(Original: © Hugh S. Roberton)This is the first song we learned together as a group! This fo’c’sle shanty just begs for people to sing along. Gather your friends and add your voices to ours as we join together in song, again.

Single Percussion Clap: Dean Calin

(Original: © B. Olofson/M. McIntryre)Part of the folk tradition is learning songs from other artists. We acquired this song while performing at the Paimpol music festival in France in 2013. Thank you Tom Lewis for introducing us to Bimini.

Soloist: Jon Krivitzky

Sugar in the Hold
(Traditional; Additional Lyrics © Gina Dalby)We’ve given this song a bluesy treatment not usually found in maritime music. We just couldn’t help ourselves. True story.

Soloist: Gina Dalby

When the Ship Hit the Sand
(Original: © L. Kingston; Additional Lyrics © Bounding Main)We heard this song while performing at the Bie Daip Festival in Appingedam, Netherlands, in 2011. We loved the lively feel so we brought this American tune back to the states, made a few “minor” changes to the lyrics and present it here for your toe-tapping, hand-clapping pleasure.