Going Overboard

Bounding Main’s CD, Going Overboard, contains romantic and exciting music of the seas brought forth in rich harmonies and jolly humor. This third CD release from the group brings historic and contemporary shanties to life through unique acapella arrangements that are 100% the Bounding Main sound.

Listener Testimonials

“The new music sounds FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to hear the whole CD. “Leaving of Liverpool” has always been one of my favorite songs, and you did it justice (I wouldn’t expect anything less than greatness).”

– Sean on MySpace

‚Äč”I adore the new CD. I have been singing ‘Fire Marengo’ the whole night. All the songs are fabulous. I can’t wait until my friend and I learn the new songs so we can turn it up in her car with the windows down as we sing at the top of our lungs! ūüôā “

-Sarah on MySpace

“My favorite song off of this CD is Blow, Boys, Blow. This is a fantastic CD.”

— Eileen Sutter


Going Overboard Liner Notes

South Australia

A song about a girl, Nancy Blair, who should pay more attention to the company she keeps.

To Ireland 

(Original: © Maggie Hannington (Retired))
A song about Canada, we mean Ireland.¬† A beautiful song about wanting to be back at home and then wanting to be back at sea.¬† The sea is always bluer …

Leaving of Liverpool 

A love song about a girl and her one true love. Any by that of course we mean a girl and every guy she sees. Or at least that’s the way we do it.
Soloist: Christie Dalby

Johnny Come to Hilo  

I don’t care who Johnny is, he needs to keep his mitts off that girl in the blue dress.¬† (Christie gets combat pay for this song.)

Old Dun Cow  

A song that combines two traditions, drinking and arson. Recorded LIVE!
Soloist: David Yondorf
Blow Liza Blow 

A song from the Bahamas where the sponge fisherman battle the storms every spring and summer, which results in losing yet another jolly boy.  We have a surplus of jolly boys ourselves and will be donating one soon.
Soloist: Gina Dalby
Bristol Girls  

Harlots, the lot of them.
Soloist: Dean Calin
Toss and Roll 

(Original: © David Yondorf)

We know, you’re thinking right now that you are amazed that David can even read let alone write! This song is proof he can do both (but not at the same time).


“Just got the new (autographed!) CD for Christmas and had to play it immediately. Saw a few titles I knew from shows, and a few I knew from other performers; but I was definitely not prepared for the Bounding Main arrangement of ‘Fareweel Tae Tarwathie.’ The harmonies were so amazing I was practically in tears. Which balanced well from being in tears laughing through ‘Pass the Mug’ and ‘Toss & Roll.’

Thank you so much!

This has been one of the best Christmases ever!”

— From our friend David Blake

Ocean Liner 

(Barry Skipsey, recorded with his permission)

A song written by an Australian, performed by a Dutch group in Chicago and appropriated (and by that we mean “stolen” but with permission from the composer) by Bounding Main in the good ol’ U.S.of A.¬† This song gets around.

Blow Boys Blow 

It does. We know.  Recorded LIVE!
Soloist: Jon Krivitzky

Fire Marengo  

Fire? Where? Where’s the fire?¬† Oh, in Marengo.¬† That’s fine then.
Soloist: Maggie Hannington (Retired)

Pass the Mug 

(Original: © Christie Dalby & Gina Dalby)
It’s a drinkin‚ąí song! No really, it is … we kid you not.¬† So grab your mug, cup, goblet or sippy-cup and play along, that’s an order!¬† (The only group where you’ll find a drinking song written by two tea totalers.)

Golden Vanity  

A song about a sink at Menards. No, actually it is a song about a ship called the Golden Vanity.  Kind of a sad song (if you must know) but we silly it up where we can.
Soloist: David Yondorf

Fareweel Tae Tarwathie 

(Traditional, but arranged within an inch of its life by Jon Krivitzky)
Defies explanation.

We lovingly dedicate this song to the memory of our good friend Dave Zielinski. Fair winds and following seas, friend.