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Bounding Main is a maritime-themed vocal group that sings richly harmonic versions of traditional songs. Their shows are filled with spirit, humor and harmony; their arrangements of traditional and contemporary nautical music bring the listener into the world of pirates, adventure and romance.

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Each member of Bounding Main — Dean Calin, Christie Dalby, Gina Dalby, Jon Krivitzky, and David Yondorf — is a music and theater veteran, with diverse entertainment backgrounds. Their performances and CDs have been well received with brisk US and international sales. They have performed at music festivals, nautical festivals, major tall ships events, maritime museums, Renaissance faires, folk music venues and corporate events on both sides of the Atlantic.

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2020 has been a heck of a year – a lousy year, truth be told.  We were blessed by being able to perform our international gig in Krakow, Poland in February – it was an excellent event!  Shortly after our return to the United States everything went bad – a rapid spread of the coronavirus throughout the world and everything was locked down to save lives.  We had several new and exciting venues at which to perform, most of which have graciously asked us to entertain at in 2021!  But we are hoping to book more gigs to try to recoup the losses from 2020 and to grow our audience.  We would enjoy performing at festivals and corporate events anywhere in North America and Europe next year.  Please drop us a line at ahoy @ boundingmain.com with opportunities!

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Bounding Main:  www.boundingmain.com

Our Music

“Though my sails be torn and tattered, and the mast be turned about, let the night wind chill me to my very soul,
Though the spray might sting my eyes, and the stars no light provide, give me just another morning light to hold…”

“A Sailor’s Prayer,” Rod MacDonald, 1978. Recorded with permission for Bounding Main’s Maiden Voyage album.

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