Upcoming Performances

Please be aware that event information is changing daily because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Be sure to check the status of the event here closer to the performance date.

Bounding Main is looking for bookings Post-Vaccine in 2021

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North America and European Locations Desired

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2020 has been a heck of a year – a lousy year, truth be told.  We were blessed by being able to perform our international gig in Krakow, Poland in February – it was an excellent event!  Shortly after our return to the United States everything went bad – a rapid spread of the coronavirus throughout the world and everything was locked down to save lives.  Several new and exciting venues were scheduled for shows – all cancelled, but most of which that have graciously asked us to reschedule for 2021!  But we are hoping to book more gigs to try to recoup the losses from 2020 and to grow our audience.  We would enjoy performing at festivals and corporate events anywhere in North America and Europe next year.  Please drop us a line at ahoy @ boundingmain.com with opportunities!

Talk to us about details for your event – we would love to entertain for you!

Bounding Main:  www.boundingmain.com

Upcoming Performances