Night Watchman’s Lament

Maritime-themed Song

Lyrics and Music © 2006 Maggie Hannington

Night watchman, night watchman, sing your quiet song,
With the starlight, starlight shining in your eyes;
With the land to the east and the weather to the west,
And your face to the northern skies.

You−ve been sailing such a long time, seems you’ve been at sea for life.
Your thoughts are on the girl at home you’ll ask to be your wife.
It’s been forever since you’ve kissed her, since you’ve seen your home and friends;
You dream about your journey through the darkness to the end.


You spoke in quiet whispers as you said your last goodbye.
Her voice is carried through the wind and reaches through the night:
“Oh have we parted ever, or shall we meet again?”
Will she be waiting on the shore at this long journey’s end?


Her voice has fallen silent and your heart has turned to stone.
You forget the love that warmed you through the endless nights alone.
Your thoughts turn toward the night-watch, and away from dreams of old.
Love falls beneath the northern waves and leaves you still and cold.

(Chorus, repeat)


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Song Notes

This song appeared on Bounding Main’s CD, Kraken Up.  This is the last Bounding Main CD on which this song’s author is heard.