One More Day

Attributed to be a Capstan, Pump, Windlass and Halyard Shanty


Only one day more, my Johnny, one more day,
Oh, rock and roll me over, only one more day! 

Oh, don’t you hear the old man roaring? 
Response:  One more day! 
Oh, don’t you hear that pilot bawling? 
Response:  Only one more day! (Chorus)

Can’t you hear those gels a-calling? 
Response:  One more day! 
Oh, can’t you hear that capstan pawling? 
Only one more day! (Chorus)

Then put on your long-tailed blue, my Johnny, 
Response:  One more day! 
For your pay is nearly due, Johnny. 
Only one more day! (Chorus)


Song Notes

Lyrics from Iron Men & Wooden Ships, by Frank Shay (1/1/1926).

There is an interesting version of this on Tom Lewis’ collaborative album, Poles Apart, that includes verses sung in Polish!