When the Ship Hit the Sand

Maritime-themed Song

Lyrics and Music © 1965 by Larry Kingston

Oh, my friends and I went on an ocean cruise,
Three days out and I was sick down to my shoes,
And to make it more forlorn, we sailed into a ragin’ storm.
Where we were nobody seemed to have a clue .

As the ship was being tossed and thrown about,
I was wondering if the captain had stepped out.
Then I heard an awful noise, and I asked one of the boys
What had happened, and you should have heard him shout!

Where were you when the ship hit the sand,
I said I was in there praying for dry land
With a bucket and my breakfast in my hand
Where were you when the ship hit the sand?

Oh I brought the lookout some delicious stew,
I’d forgotten that he had a job to do.
As we sat down for our feast, No one was looking to the East,
And I heard them yelling as the vessel tipped askew! (Chorus)

Oh the Captain asked for help with the map.
Then decided it was time to take a nap.
I took a left at Albuquerque, and the ship got herky-jerky.
So I hid and let the helmsman take the rap. (Chorus)

I was throwing coal down in the engine room;
I dropped my shovel when I heard an awful “boom!”
Well, I ran up on the deck, so I could see just who the heck
Had turned the ship into a great big floating tomb! (Chorus)

I was up on the deck talking to the crew,
Tellin’ lots of funny jokes, Yes, it’s true!
I told the one about the perch, and then I felt an awful lurch,
So I told more jokes to help us all pull through. (Chorus)

We were tossed about, it was a cryin’ shame.
We sent distress calls out, but no one ever came!
While my mates flopped there in the tide, I tried to find somewhere to hide,
Before they all decide that I’m the one to blame. (“He’s to blame!”) (Chorus x3)


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Song Notes

This song was written by Larry Kingston and was recorded in 1965 by “Little” Jimmy Dickens, who was known for his novelty songs, but was a talented country music artist as well. Bounding Main first heard this song in 2011 in the Appingedam bar, De Kameleon.  On the Friday night of the event, as bands were assembling for the Bie Daip Festival. Several maritime groups were singing in turn, all quite pleasant, and suddenly in bursts Fish and Ships Company from Norway. With a grin, Per Ludwig broke into this tune, and it was delightful! So, we took this song back to our shores where it originated, wrote our own verses to both personalize and lengthen it, then recorded it on our Fish Out of Water CD.