To Ireland We’ll Go

Maritime-themed, Irish-themed Song

Lyrics and Music © 2003 Maggie Hannington

We traveled ten countries and the Straits of Japan,
Since we left our good country a long time ago.
We’ve seen treasures plenty and the Promised Land,
But we’re glad to be bound for the Ireland we know.

We’ll cross the seas ’til we reach Kinsale,
Then round the south to the shores of Dungloe.
By the blessings of Niamha our travels won’t fail.
We’ve a fortnight until back to Ireland we’ll go.

We’ll pass by the Shetlands and the Stornoway Sound,
When we head for our country from a long time ago.
We’ll sail the North Channel as we’re Galway bound.
We’ve two ports until back to Ireland we’ll go. (Chorus)

We’ll fold up the mains’l and take down the mast,
When we come to our country from a long time ago.
We’re hoping our ale and our spirits do last.
We’ve two seas until back to Ireland we’ll go. (Chorus)

Well, no more the sea spray shall tangle my hair,
When I’m back in my country from a long time ago.
But I know I’ll soon long for the smell of salt air.
And away from my homeland from Ireland we’ll go! (Chorus)


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Song Notes

This song was written by former Bounding Main member, Maggie Hannington, before she left the group.  It was arranged by Jon Krivitzky and was recorded on the CD, Going Overboard.

During a rare bout of insomnia, Maggie was pacing her house one night, trying to figure out what she could do at 3AM. Exhaustion usually brings on strange visions and sounds, and this time was no exception. As if in a dream, the second line of the verse of this song came to her, words and music all at once: “Going back to our country from a long time ago.” It sounded kind of original at the time, so she thought about it some more, and the rest of the song sort of wrote itself around that line.

Most of the places mentioned in the song are places to where Maggie has been, or places she hopes to go someday. Niamha, mentioned in the chorus, was the daughter of a Celtic sea god of ancient times.