Toss and Roll

Maritime-themed Song

Lyrics and Music © 2007 David Yondorf

WE don’t know where we’re rowin’,
Don’t know which way we’re blowin’,
WE don’t know where we’re goin’,
As we toss & roll

WELL David is the worst kind of rag-tag sailor,
Stench like a score of scurvy-struck whalers,
His clothes are supplied by blind-drunk tailors,
As we toss and roll! (Chorus)

NOW Deano’s got the stuff of a good midshipman.
A gale-force wind it barely tips him,
But, after a couple of pints he’s listin’,
As we toss and roll! (Chorus)

Gina sails with a barrel of ginger,
Without it the slightest swells unhinge ‘er.
She and her sis are like “Cringe” and “Cringer,”
As we toss and roll! (Chorus)

Christy sails a lot like her sister, Gina,
Gets just as sick, but a little bit meaner,
Staggers the decks like a drunken ballerina,
As we toss and roll! (Chorus)

Maggie is our sure and steadfast gunner,
Always on the lookout for loot and plunder,
Sweet and delicate voice like thunder,
As we toss and roll! (Chorus)

Jon has the focus of a drunken monkey,
Can’t hide the fact he’s a jugglin’ junkie,
Never in his live settled on just one key-ey-EEE
As we toss and roll! (Chorus x2)


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Song Notes

We know, you are thinking right now that you are amazed that David can even read let alone write! This song is proof he can do both (but not at the same time).

None of us know what the “Cringe” and “Cringer” bit means.